Studying Techniques for Upcoming Exams

Bradyn’s Methods

So in all of my two years in high school I’ve caught onto the ways of studying pretty quickly. However, we all  have our own ways in which we study, and they may not apply to you. Therefore, use this as a sort of starting kit to learn about the ways you may find useful to study. Good luck on upcoming exams!

Starting with my ways of studying:

  • While music may seem like a good way to block out the world and focus on work, believe me its not. In my own personal experience music only complicates things by having me think about the lyrics and the audio while not being able to focus on my own work.
  • Sit in someplace where there’s dim lighting. I enjoy being able to focus on the only bright source of light in the room, the computer screen. If you are using paper to study then sit in a dim-lighted room.  (Ms. Weatherwax would like to point out that this is bad for the eyeballs).
  • Don’t sit in complete silence; my mind seems to wonder when I have nothing to adjust my ears to. Turn on the fan, turn on a movie you have seen a million times and listen to it.
  • Take breaks. I often get up in the middle of problems and walk around the house to clear my mind or go off on a thought I had while doing work.
  • Use the material. IF your teacher is kind enough to give you work to study, study it. Use the above methods to try and focus. If your teachers are like some of mine and give you no work to study except the work that’s in class, then make a Quizlet. (Vickie also endorses the use of Quizlet to review). Ask your teacher if they could give you a general idea as to what’s on the test and try and make a quizlet based off of your idea of what’s on the test.

These are my methods to madness. However my methods are mine and may not apply to you like they do to me.

Here are some ideas from freshman Vickie Sturgill, who will be trying them out before her first midterm exams:

Flashcards- Flashcards are a quick and easy. Use reviews teachers have given you and old work to think of questions that you can put on the cards. Quiz yourself or have someone else quiz you. Repetition is key and by repeating the questions you are memorizing answers, which may not always be on the test but can help when answering other questions related to the topic.

Quizlets/ Kahoots- A more fun, and less-agonizing way to study is by creating your own, or using someone else’s Quizlets or Kahoots to study. By playing the matching games on Quizlet you can become more familiar with the terms that will be used on the exam. Quizlet also has flashcards and several other studying techniques. Kahoot is a more straightforward question and answered based way to study. Kahoot asks the question and you answer, familiarizing yourself with the topic. Both websites are great for studying, and it’s really just based on your style of learning for which one you should use.

Reviews- Maybe actually doing the reviews would help! Some people get the reviews and don’t even look at them, and then wonder why they do so poorly on exams. Well here’s an idea — maybe it’s because you didn’t even try to make sure you were prepared for the exam! When a teacher gives you a review they’re not doing it for the happiness of their souls, I promise. They want you to be prepared and some teacher even grade reviews as bonus points for the exam.

So, you should probably really take some of our advice if you’re one of the scatter-brained studiers. Seriously, get yourself together pal! (Ms. Weatherwax endorses this message)