“Brighten Somebody’s Holidays by Giving”

OXFORD,OH– Twice a year at Talawanda High School all of the students who are older than 16 have the opportunity to come together to make a community: a community that is willing to give for the needs of others. On Monday, Dec.10 students volunteered to donate their blood.  One person’s donation can save a total of three lives.

All of the students at Talawanda High School are very excited to donate, whether it’s in the spring or the winter. Many students come to the day of the event ecstatic and ready to give. When asked how he felt about the December Blood Drive, Chairman and FCCLA Chapter President Caylor Jarvis said, “This is my third time chairing the blood drive, and each time is just as exciting as the last. It is so nice to see all of the people at Talawanda being so willing to help someone else’s life, even if it’s just temporary. Talawanda has been considered a ‘red chord honor school’ for some years now, and that just shows how many people at this school are willing to take time out of their day, to give some sort of service.”

This year’s THS Winter Blood Drive’s slogan is “Brighten Somebody’s Holidays by Giving,” and it’s amazing to see the diverse culture that we have here at Talawanda and how BRAVE all of the students are. You could even say that the students here at Talawanda are superheroes ready to take action to go out and donate! Also you get some pretty cool socks!

Camry shows off her Blood Donor socks

Although the winter drive is only on Dec. 10, there will be another blood drive in the spring, and you can still brighten somebody’s holidays by finding blood donations near you all year long at the Red Cross.