Tribune Read It: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

“Even in the future the story begins with once upon a time.”– Marissa Meyer

This thrilling fantasy scientific series has swept many off their feet and it might just do the same to you. Each book is based off a different fairy tail with a futuristic twist, yet they all connect to make a thrilling adventure filled with many amazing characters and gaining more as the series went on. The series met it’s conclusion in 2015, but even though that was three years ago the books are still a must read and they are now continuing as a graphic novel.

Books in Order:

“Cinder”- based off of Cinderella

“Scarlet”- based off of Little Red Riding Hood

“Cress”- based off of Rapunzel

“Winter”- based off of Snow White

The books are filled with action-packed scenes, cute little romances, and danger lurking around every corner. The adventures this rag-tag group of misfits go on will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and excited to read more. From a rapidly spreading deadly disease to a gunfight against those looking to stop them from saving the world. The books are also filled with strong female leads who show everything a girl can be — from the best mechanic, to a stubborn girl who is never afraid, to a girl who is amazing with technology — so if you love girl power, these books are for you!

You can find the whole book series in Talawanda High Schools Media center along with the local Lane libraries. Marissa Meyer is the author of many other thrilling books like her new series “Renegades” about a world full of superheroes. “The Lunar Chronicles” are a important book series due to the many lessons it teaches and the fact that there is a character that everyone can relate to! If you are looking for a good read I recommend these four books to inspire and gain your love. Trust me you will want these books on your bookshelf.