Tribune Tunes: Songs for a Rainy Day

It looks like it will be raining for the next next few days, so we here at Tribune Tunes have made you a playlist for these rainy days.

“Release Me,” by Corrina Repp:  A song about overcoming adversity and pain, “Release Me” has some great dynamics and is a totally good song to give you all the feels on a rainy day.

“Video Child,” by Many Voices Speak:  This song is soothing and has solid vocals; the song is about losing yourself while chasing after something else — putting your fate and hope into something and watching it not work.

“Lost in the Light,” by Bahamas:  This song is peaceful and laid-back.  It will make you happy.

“California Dreamin’,” by The Mamas and the Papas:  Is there any better concept to consider on a rainy day?

“Lost in My Mind,” by The Head and the Heart:  A highly relatable song about daydreaming and appreciating the world and people around you.

“Yellow,” by Coldplay:  A calm and happy love song about laying out everything for someone you love.

“Super Far,” by LANY:  A slow, yet upbeat song that can put you in a good mood if you’re feeling down.

“Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey:  The rainbow is just around the corner — this song reminds you to keep the faith.

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