SoapBox Derby Team Having Fun with Annual Project

OXFORD – Talawanda’s 3D Art Class is bringing their annual class project to Mt. Adams this Saturday for a soapbox derby car competition. You may of seen their seven foot long moving pencil outside the front of THS last week.

Jim McWilliams, the 3D Art teacher and director of the project, said the car was quickly built in less than 3 weeks, and is ready to go. “It’s not built as sturdy as we would of liked, but it can definitely fly,” he said. “We’re really excited.”

The car has go-cart tires and a steering wheel, as well as a stadium seat from the football field. It has a metal frame, wood supports and floor, aluminum siding, and duct tape for the decoration as a pencil. All of the materials were bought using a donation from Bagel & Deli.

Along with the actual car race, the team must also plan a skit to perform prior to sending the car down Eden Park. The students in the 3D art class built off of McWilliam’s idea to make a pencil. For the skit, students will be in teams wearing giant cardboard armor. Each student will hold a giant foam pencil. The team that wins will be the one who fills their standardized testing scantron bubbles in first. “It was my idea for the pencils and standardized testing, but the kids have done a great job being creative and fun with it,” McWilliams said.

Austin Hodge will be the car’s driver down the hill on Saturday, but the entire class can’t compete because participants must be 18 years or older to be involved. Those that are under 18 can still watch, though. With a shortage of team members that are of age, McWilliams said a few Talawanda alumni will come help out on race day to ensure things run smoothly.

“It’s taught us a lot about improv, going with the flow, and luck because of our short time frame,” McWilliams said. The race begins at 10 am Saturday at Eden Park in Mt. Adams. The event goes until 4pm and is free and open to the public.

Soapbox sponsored by Bagel & Deli. Photo by A. Weatherwax.

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