How NOT to Disappoint on Valentine’s Day

Wait! Don’t click away yet considering this may or may not have been by accident, I still have something that might be of use to you. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for giving something to a boyfriend or girlfriend. While you can do that during this time, you can do it anytime (since Valentine’s Day may or may not be a scam created by Hallmark)- BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT! This can still be salvaged and it doesn’t have to be a dreadfully horrible day just because you don’t have a significant other and if you do, congratulations! Now, February is gonna be crazy and if you’re here because you need some last minute gift ideas then I’ve got you covered!

For your friends:

Now I know this isn’t something everyone does, but I do know there are some people who exist who feel obligated to do or get something for others who they consider friends during Valentine’s Day. Now the easiest thing to do here is to not get any of your friends anything so they can all feel left out, but that’s not what this is for! This is so we disappoint fewer people this year. Money can be tight if you don’t have a job or have lots of friends to get stuff for so a good idea of where to start can always be the internet since ideas can come from blogs, YouTube, or Pinterest since it is a fantastic site with millions of crafty things to guide you (not sponsored). Consider what you’re good at and don’t say you’re good at nothing, that’s not an acceptable answer. If you’re good at art, you can draw your friends something or if you’re good at writing, make them little cards. Don’t be down because they’ll probably do something way nicer for you or nothing at all since that’s how it usually works. When in doubt, almost everyone will love you if you give them food.


For your family:

If you have a mother around, you better be getting something for her. Do you realize what she went through to put you on this earth? She may say you don’t have to get her anything or she doesn’t want anything in particular, but if I’ve learned anything from Mr. Caudill it’s that you never forget your mother. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas (if she celebrates it) — holidays shouldn’t be the only reason you give something to her either. Do something spontaneous for her, she will almost be guaranteed to appreciate a clean house if nothing else *hint hint.*You could also get her a bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, or other candy if you really want to. Do you want something that doesn’t have an expiration date? Well, I suppose a typical heart-holding stuffed bear may still work. I haven’t tried it myself, but someone in this world must have. Oh, and you can also do stuff for you dad and any potential siblings you may have.

For any special people:

Now we’re on to the section that most people were probably wondering about as soon as they saw the words “Valentine’s Day” in the title, what to get for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or maybe crush if you’re brave enough. Now I know it’s tempting, but DON’T GO WITH THE CLICHÉ! Do you realize how much others expect that? It’s worn out, boring, and everyone, including you, can do better. Listen to what they like and talk about and customize something around that. Very similar to the friends’ category, but you’re allowed to spend some money (not required). Just looking out for my single peeps out there when I say this can also be someone that you just really appreciate. Maybe that nice old lady across the street from your house just deserves something for bringing your family cookies during the holidays to spread some cheer and you wanna do something nice for her since you may or may not have torn up her lawn with your dirtbike last spring.

And for yourself:

Listen, I know someone out there may find this to be a waste but when there’s half priced candy at major stores like Kroger, you should treat yo’ self! You don’t have to go spend a ton of money, but it’s always nice to have your own back if you don’t have as many people around you. You can be your own worst enemy so at least befriend your worst self for those tough days! If you’re cheap, there’s still no shame in being alone with nothing. Relax, after all it’s just one day out of the year and there will still be plenty of other people who are alone or poor that you can share your bitterness with!