Fourteen Things About Love

Since Valentine’s day is here, many a high schooler will start new relationships and be feeling things new and strange. So here is fourteen ways to keep this new feeling alive.

  • Communication. If you don’t have open communication in your relationship, you will not have a good time. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, they need to know how you’re feeling. When they know how you feel, they can treat you better.
  • Be open to a new way of thinking. Your partner isn’t a clone of you, or will they like everything you like. They’ll have their own interests and so will you, but that’s normal. You don’t have to spend all your time doing things together, you can just “be” together.
  • Don’t be obsessive if they don’t answer. They’re busy and they may want to talk to you but can’t. But if they’re ignoring you, you should talk about it face to face because there is a difference between being unable to talk and ignoring someone.
  • If you’re crushing really hard on someone, talk to them! If you really like someone you should interact with them! If they’re single take your shot, but if you’re rejected yes it will hurt, but then that means they weren’t for you. You deserve someone who will love and accept you for who you are.
  • Don’t make others do the “ dirty work”for you. This old tactic will only confuse the object of your desire and make your endgame harder than it needs to be. Getting more people will also mean more drama in your relationship, which no one needs ever. It may make more emotions become more annoying than they already are.
  • If you don’t like someone and they ask you out, be honest with them. Trying to save their feelings is nice in the short run, but in the long run your just hurting them more. Ripping off a band-aid is less pain they slowly taking off. And don’t laugh at them. Be honest and say that you’re not interested, you don’t owe them a relationship.
  • Love is a bundle of scary emotions, feel them fully. Emotions are hard and even harder  to understand, you feel this new feeling and you don’t know what to do with it! Your mind is always thinking of this person and your life feels like it’s moving so fast you can’t keep. You have to feel your feelings.
  • But don’t let your emotions cloud your good judgement.  If you only let your emotions see your love object, you won’t see them for what they really are. Another person is far from perfect and you see them as only perfect, but when they let you down it will hurt your heart. You’ll think that you don’t love them, but love is about the day to day feeling of loyalty. If you get over this crush then you get over the crush.
  • Don’t let people tell you how to feel YOUR feelings . your feelings are yours and yours alone, take ownership of them and your life will be a lot simpler. If your friend says you shouldn’t like them because you have bad taste, get better friends. If you like someone then you like them and don’t be ashamed of that. Your heart has chosen someone it wants and let it want what it wants. If you don’t feel your emotions to the fullest, you are denying a basic part of your human nature. We need our emotions to live a good life, and if you try to ignore these feelings your life will just get harder.
  • But don’t ignore peoples good advice about someone. Especially if your friends say you shouldn’t be with this person because there a serial cheater or will use you. Heed their advice — sometimes your friends are right about someone and you’re wrong. Now don’t let them make all the decisions in the relationship but remember, they are your friends most of the time they have your best interest at heart.
  • Abuse isn’t love. Never will it be love. You think this person will change, but they won’t. They’ll just get worse over time. No matter all the excuses they give, they’ll never change. And if your a guy, you can be just as abused by a girl as a girl can by a boy. So don’t think that you’re not a victim of something when you are.
  • If you think your partner is cheating on you. Talk to them before you leave. Cheating is never okay, but sometimes our minds can get the best of us. What could just be the fact that they’re busy turns into a scandal in your mind. Now if you’re afraid they won’t tell you the truth, then you talk to a consumer or someone who could get the truth out of them, and can help get to the bottom of what’s going on.
  • Sometimes love isn’t beautiful.  There’s a difference between conflict and abuse, people mistake one for the other. Conflict is normal, and natural. In fact even necessary for a proper relationship! However love isn’t linear — in fact quite the opposite, it’s a crazy burned up thing that has many highs and low
  • Don’t be afraid of love. Or someone loving you. Many people in life are afraid of love and being in love because they’re afraid of being vulnerable to emotions they don’t understand. Yes it can be scary, but in the end it’s all worth it.