Destiny. . . To Succeed

“Destiny” is an incredibly popular video game made by Bungie, the creators of other amazing games such as “Halo: Reach.” The game revolves around the Guardians, who are just “normal” people who were born under a substance known as “the Light.” In the game, you are put to the test against multiple alien and robotic species, being forced to defend the last city on Earth that’s being powered by a planet-sized object called the Traveler. The Traveler provides the light to the Guardians, as well as the Guardian’s assistants and protectors: the Ghosts.

In the first Destiny, you are put up against four challenges; the main campaign, which includes two of the four expansions, is where you’re forced to fight the Fallen, Taken, Hive, Vex and Cabal in order to protect the last city, and ultimately end up killing a Hive prince named Crota, the son of Oryx. In the third expansion, the Taken King, Oryx is seeking vengeance for Crota and attempts to obliterate life as the Guardians know it, and his main task is to kill your Guardian. Yet, you ultimately end up killing Oryx as well. (Don’t get salty over spoilers, the game has legitimately been out for three years.) The final expansion, named Rise of Iron, revolves around Lord Saladin, the last of an ancient group of Guardian fighters named the Iron Lords, of whom were all wiped out by a self-improving machine-virus called SIVA. You ultimately destroy SIVA and become an Iron Lord. (Again, no complaining. You had all the time in the world.)

But in “Destiny 2,” after all of your progress and time on Destiny, surprise surprise… All of your crap is gone. The last city from Destiny is attacked as well and burnt down, exploded, entirely overkilled, etcetera, and your character goes after a ship that is ripping apart the Traveler, because, if you paid attention, the Light that gives the Guardians their strength and powers emits from the Traveler, so if it goes down, they do as well. After your Guardian reaches the ship, he is greeted by Ghaul, the new main antagonist of “Destiny 2,” and the Traveler is shredded to pieces. Your Ghost companion shuts down, your powers are lost, and Ghaul drops you from the sky, but somehow you manage to survive from a two mile fall. Don’t ask how, I don’t know. You manage to find your Ghost as well, and he survived the fall too, and your journey to killing Ghaul begins. Best part? All of your crap, as I said, is gone. You have to re-earn it all, gain your powers back, all of the above.

So have fun.

Overall, “Destiny 2” is an incredibly solid and great game, and I’d recommend it to anyone. I give it fifteen Trenton-Awards out of fifteen.