Edit-TORI-al: Comfy Shoes, How Bout’ Yes?

You are shopping for your homecoming dress and you see the perfect shoes. They’re the right size, style and they match your outfit. You try them on and they really really hurt. Don’t buy them! Those gorgeous shoes of evil will ruin your entire night. Last year when I went to Homecoming I saw so many girls taking off their pretty shoes less than an hour after the dance began.

Comfortable shoes in our culture are ignored even though our feet are the building blocks for our bodies–without them we can barely do anything unassisted. So why is it that when we dress up don’t we treat our feet right?

How do to you avoid the pain of the heels? Try wear smaller heels or no heel at all. Flats can be just dressy as heels and often are even less expensive. Don’t want to wear flats or already spent the money on heels? Inserts! You put them in your shoes and they provide extra cushioning. Most inserts can be purchased at the grocery store for less than 20 dollars. I wore some last year and was able to wear my heels all night long.

You could also bring some flats with your heels so in case your feet hurt. Just slip them on and keep on dancing. Or, you could just forgo fancy shoes at all and wear Chucks. Be unconventional– it’s your night dress how you want, but most of all, wear comfy shoes!