We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1999: THS Proms of the Past

Prom has been around for more than 58 years at Talawanda, and it’s about time to look back on all of these memorable moments, which include some familiar faces.

In 1959 THS had a French prom and “Un Soir á Paris” was the theme. It included a cafe, a huge hand-made Eiffel Tower, drawing booths, and even a cruise on the Ohio River. Sue Hornung and Doug Adams were crowned King and Queen. Everyone’s favorite THS graduate, Mr. York, attended the 1968 prom: “Southern Serenade.”

Oh the crazy 70s. The 1976 prom was “Valhalla” or “Viking Heaven.” The 1977 prom had students rocking and rolling with “Stairway to Heaven” as its theme. But, 1979 held the best prom of that decade, “Showboat Prom,” which included a real riverboat casino. Barney Clark and Kelly Roll were named royalty.

Ah, the 80’s, so colorful and full of fun. The 1984 prom, “Tropical Nights,” was held at Hueston Woods Lodge and the band “Blue Tater” played. THS English teacher Kalinde Webb went to that prom as a senior, but says: “Prom was not that great. I left early, went to Bruno’s Uptown to have slices with my best friend.”


Prom in 1988 went with a retro theme, “Gone with the Wind.” Quinn Killy was King, while Katie Osborne took Queen. This prom had gazebos surrounded by flowers, candles floating on the lake, and even fountains!

That brings us to the 90s. In 1991 the THS Prom King was comedian Gary Owens:


In 1993, THS’s very own, Clare Squance (nee Cox) went to prom with her date, who just so happens to be her current hubby, Joe Squance! The theme then was “Some Kind of Wonderful.”


The best prom of that decade was 1998, with carriage rides and a “Grease” remix. Theme was “Dance the Night Away” and Prom King was Jessup Gage, and Queen was Liz Greene.

The 21st century held a very exciting prom in 2012 called “Last Saturday Night.” There were so many activities, like olympic games, cornhole, tricycle races, a cash booth, massages, and “You’re Fired” paintings. Chelsey Elam was crowned Queen, and Jake Farthing was crowned King.

One thing is for sure:  Talawanda throws a great Prom.