Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Teens

  1. Electric Blankets

Being a teenager is stressful. You’re constantly tired and High School is kicking your butt. Perhaps the best gift I’ve ever received was not a new phone, but an electric blanket.


  1. Very Fluffy Pillow

Once again, I bring up the point that High School is not fun. Getting enough sleep to survive is essential to acing exams. Pillows can ALWAYS help your sleeping habits.


  1. Headbands/ Flow Bands

At this point, it’s safe to assume that the reasoning for every gift on this list is because High School are not the best years of your life. High Schoolers tend to be late to everything and headbands/ flow bands are a great way of hiding your greasy hair!


  1. Fuzzy boots

Boots are at the more expensive end of the list but with the winter season quickly approaching, boots are the perfect gift.


  1. Spotify GIft Card

Nobody uses itunes anymore. Get the teen in your life a Spotify Premium subscription.


  1. ANYTHING From Hot Topic

Get all your rebellious-teenager needs here.


  1. Henna Tattoos

Maybe if your teenage kid realizes they don’t like their temporary tattoos, they won’t make the mistake of tattooing their soon-to-be ex-girlfriend’s name in the shape of a heart on their bicep 10 years in the future.


  1. Makeup

Nothing is better than a new lipstick. Or for my fellow blonde people, a good eyebrow pencil to draw on the eyebrows we naturally lack.


  1. Concert Tickets

Depending on the Hot Topic apparel that they wear, get them tickets to go see that band!


  1. The Talawanda Tribune (Print Edition)

Besides the minor spelling errors, this is by far the best gift to give to any teen (plus it’s free)!

Featured Image of Talawanda Teachers trying flowbands.  See full story in Semester 1 Print Issue.