Things to do in Oxford Over Holiday Break

If you find yourself stuck in the Ox-box this holiday season and have finished watching every show on Netflix, here are some alternatives to sitting around the dinner table answering questions about college.

  1. Enjoy some free-skating time at the Goggin Ice Center on Miami’s campus;
  2. Check out new releases at AMC theater in Hamilton;
  3. Partake in the Butler county donut trail… see more at;
  4. Get some friends together and go bowling at the Oxford Lanes–Open until 1 a.m. Thurs.-Sat.;
  5. Get outside and smell the roses (not literally because it’s winter) with your family at Hueston Woods State Park;
  6. Sledding at Pfeffer Park.  Or grease up the bottom of a cafeteria tray and slide away:)  

Happy Holiday-ing!  

Feature Photo Cred:  Madi Hickman

See her “Holiday in Oxford” Photo Story at:

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