Ben Phillips Weighs in on Santa

So I have to talk about Santa Claus at this time of year? Well let’s just start off by saying that coming from someone who’s never talked about anything serious this might be a little difficult to give an honest report on the North Pole, Santa, and more importantly what Christmas truly is. You know that reminds me of how Christmas has traditionally gone on throughout history. Christmas used to be a day when charity and giving rather than receiving and good samaritan acts in general seemed to be the theme. I’m not saying there’s anything particularly wrong with christmas now but all I’m saying is that Christmas, Black Friday shopping, and big name stores in general seem to constantly be advertising for Christmas earlier than they should be and people are taking Christmas shopping way too far. So what was I supposed to be talking about again? Oh ya! Santa Claus, sorry I just got a little sidetracked again and let’s get back on topic. So we all know the stories of how Santa Claus will deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls on Christmas eve so they can wake up with a new set of gadgets and gizmo’s. Well I’ve often wondered how all of this is produced within the course of one year. I’ve always wondered just how many elves Santa has in order to produce the same product likely thousands of times and manages to fit them over one sleigh. I guess that’s where some of the true Christmas magic comes in.

Generally many of us would stop believing in magic being a reality from an early age, but Christmas Magic is a different thing altogether, I find it very interesting and it’s one of the few things that I truly appreciate more than Christmas music. Which reminds me of how varying people’s Christmas experiences are. Since there’s a lot of people this season going through hard times, whether it be poverty,  hunger, having no family to turn to, homelessness, working a dead end minimum wage job ON CHRISTMAS, or any severe illness both physical and mental. So it’s ok to celebrate your new Xbox as you parade it around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, but at the same time there’s so many people that still go through hardships on such a holy day.

So wait what was a talking about? Oh no that’s right Santa Claus, wait uh how do I say this briefly? Santa is a great man with a long beard, bulging belly in a giant red suit, and rides on a sleigh with reindeer to deliver Christmas presents to all the good boys and girls on Christmas, there now night night and Merry Christmas everyone, just remember not to be Scrooge this year and only show acts of patience and kindness kids.