Oxford Ice Cream Review

Ice Cream is the best and is one of the most well known and loved treats that Americans enjoy in the summer or anytime!  All around the world, there are people who love ice cream just like us and there are millions of flavors and varieties to choose from. Whenever you think about ice cream what is the most likely flavor you think about? Vanilla? Strawberry? Cookie Dough? What about chocolate? In 2014, studies done by statistica.com showed that chocolate was the most popular and favorite flavor of many Americans.

At Talawanda High School, a school for a little over 1,000 students, there are many opinions on where is the best place to get ice cream. Talawanda High School is located in Oxford, OH so with ice cream being such a popular treat, there will be competition to get the most people to their stores. There are three specific ice cream places that are very well-known to almost everybody:  United Dairy Farmers, Graeter’s, and Spring Street Treats.

When we surveyed 90 people about which ice cream place was the best, the majority of those people said Graeter’s ice cream was their favorite and the best in Oxford. Spring Street Treats seemed to receive very little love, with many people not even knowing of the place’s existence. Which was truly the best? Reporters set out to figure out the answer to this question.

Our reporters got a single scoop of chocolate ice cream in a bowl from each place they visited and compared the ice cream based on the following criteria: how rich/intense the flavor was, how fast it melted, how high the prices were, and the availability of different flavors.

All of the places had their own perks such as the fact that Graeter’s had great taste, United Dairy Farmers had the best variety of choices (included in availability), and Spring Street Treats had the best vibe.

We had to take into consideration that United Dairy Farmers and Graeter’s were hand-dipped, while Spring Street Treats was soft-serve, but with that being said here are our results on which was really the best ice cream in Oxford. Graeter’s won with a total of 24 out of a total of 30 points while United Dairy Farmers lost with only 21.5 out of 30 points, but you can’t really lose when you’re eating something as amazing as ice cream, so every place gets a partial win.

Ice Cream Availability Richness Creaminess
UDF (Own Brand) 4 3 3
Graeter’s Ice Cream 3.5 4 4
Spring Street Treats 4 2 4
Ice Cream Melting Speed (lower number means melted faster) Price General Taste Place’s Vibe
UDF (Own Brand) 5 $2.69 3.5 3
Graeter’s 4 $4.26 4 4.5
Spring Street Treats 5 Smallest size- $1

Largest size- $3

3 5