Wall Senior and Only Reporter Ben Phillips Face Palms Watching Election Coverage

What’s with this Election?

This is one of the few times Ben from The Wall will be honest with everyone. How is Trump actually winning this election. I ask myself that question as I look down at the polls and realize that Trump actually leads in Ohio. The stock market is already taking a nosedive as everyone was predicting that Hillary was going to win the election but we at The Wall never expected that we had influenced everyone’s opinion so much that Trump actually managed to take a short lead. Now if anyone else here is surprised I want you to raise your hands now and put them up to your face as we face palm at practically every media source except Breitbart and Fox News who predicted that Hillary would win as much as in the double digits margins in this election. I’m honestly kind of shocked because so many of us actually believed that Hillary Clinton had a 90 percent chance of winning and that number is actually falling so far tonight. It’s not to say that Clinton won’t win as she still has a good chance of winning, but I’m absolutely amazed at what’s going down. So for those of you liberals reading this don’t grab your Rush t-shirts, maple syrup, and hockey jerseys just yet to move north for the winter because Hillary still has a chance of winning. The same goes for Republicans, don’t go online and threaten to move up north yet because clearly this election is quite literally up in the air.

Now I’ll do an update tomorrow morning but wow I can’t believe this. Well in other news it appears Ronnie James Dio and Rhandy Rhoads are flying down to Earth on a dragon and world hunger has suddenly been solved there end of story. Now for the heck of it clearly whichever side loses is going to have a huge outrage over this election so let’s listen to some angsty teenager’s music as we watch this ring of fire pop up.

Source: Photo: 270 to Win