One Team’s Drought is Over

This year’s World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians couldn’t have been more dramatic.  Not in a movie, not in a video game, nothing.  It is said that game 7 is the best thing in all of sports.  Let alone game 7 of the World Series.  The Cubs entered the World Series with their first chance to win it since 1908. The Indians, however, are in the same boat with them, they have gone without a championship since the year 1948. Before the series started, the drama and hype was already expected to be at an all time high.

Previously in the year 2016, Cleveland, Ohio’s beloved Cavaliers team led by hometown hero LeBron James brought his team back to win in a best of seven series that his team trailed 3-1.  Not only did the Cavaliers make a comeback, but they did so against the team that had just finished the regular season with the single greatest record ever, led by the first unanimous MVP ever.  

After the Indians controlled the first 4 games of the series, leading 3-1 against the Cubs, the potential jokes of “blowing a 3-1 lead” were already getting out of hand. It was destined for it to happen. Down 3-1, the elusive championship was in doubt once again.  But they had one more game on their home field, and they took advantage of it with a 3-2 victory.  Game 6 was back in Cleveland, but that didn’t affect the young and talented Cubs team as they came away with a 9-3 drubbing of the retreating Indians.  Then there was the inevitable game 7, the inevitable blown 3-1 series.  The last game of the year in a winner-take-all, the fans couldn’t have expected a better game.  The Cubs got off to a hot start with a leadoff home run to get the early advantage.  By the time the 7th inning came around, the Cubs held a 6-3 lead, and they turned to the flamethrowing former Reds star Aroldis Chapman.  Game 7, for him, was his 3rd game pitching in a row.  It was obvious to the fans that he was worn down, and it only took a few batters for everyone to realize.  He gave up an RBI single and following that, he gave up a 2 run home run which tied the game 6-6.  The game went into extra innings, ending with a Cubs victory.  Thus, ending a 108 year championship drought.  Now, the Indians are in the longest drought without a championship in the MLB.