Alice Through the Shortcoming

“Alice Through the Looking Glass,” a 2016 film directed by James Bobin, was a very big disappointment compared to the original “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton. Both movies are around 2 hours long with the original being a little shorter than the new version. The story is completely random with everyone jumping around in a barely able to follow story that takes a completely different turn from the original where everyone is trying to help the Mad Hatter cope with the lost of his parents to the Jabberwocky. The Hatter is convinced they are still alive and sends Alice on a crazy journey to find them. The Jabberwocky is an evil dragon sent by the Red Queen to rain havoc upon Wonderland to pave way for her rule.

When rewatching both of the films, I can easily say I was thoroughly disappointed with “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” The only good thing about “Alice Through the Looking Glass” was that the animations were very colorful and different compared to the original “Alice in Wonderland.” Bobin kept the same actors but made them all act completely different from how they were portrayed by Burton. For example, the Mad Hatter (as acted in both films by Johnny Depp), sounded completely different in a span of six years with way more added lisps and a complete change of the original character from 2010. The rest of the characters stayed, but they also all seemed to act completely different other than the White Queen (Anne Hathaway).

Animation has gotten better through the years and so movie directors will do everything they can to incorporate those new ideas to make the newest and best movie available. “Alice Through the Looking Glass” had wonderful animation from Time’s Clock to the constantly changing new backgrounds that made you focus with that. Other than the animations that have gotten better with technology, “Alice Through the Looking Glass” should not be on your list of top 10 movies you want to see from 2016.