Curve Fever 2: Annoying THS Teachers

A new video game is lighting up the chromebook screens of many Talawanda High School students: Curve Fever. This online game mixes simplicity with excitement and gives students a reason to procrastinate their schoolwork. Although this might not settle well with THS faculty, the students enjoy interacting with friends in this fun-filled experience.

Curve Fever gives each player a dot that moves at a constant speed on its own while leaving a trail, or line, behind it. As the game progresses, the screen becomes filled with all the players’ lines, which creates a problem because the dot of the player isn’t allowed to touch another line, or run off the screen. The last player to have not hit his/her dot onto another line wins this round. Players are rewarded points based on their position of elimination, and the first player to a certain number of points wins.

The only problem with this game gaining popularity by students is that it annoys teachers. Students are pushing off schoolwork and not paying attention in class and so teachers are cracking down on Curve Fever players. These “Curvers” are subject to any discipline given to them, including afterschool detention.

Because the game is so simple and easy to catch on, it allows beginners to join the action in a short notice and enter the world of easy school entertainment. Students use any free time allotted to them by teachers (not time interfering with classwork) to open their laptops, invite their friends, and let the fun begin.