Internet Safety Tips With Ben Phillips

Welcome to The Wall’s safety guide to the internet. This can apply to both kids and adults so whether you’re a 30-year-old living in your mom’s basement on 4chan or a 70-year-old grandma who doesn’t understand the internet you both have one thing in common, you’ve both never been taught internet safety. So before you read on know that the internet is an important responsibility and it’s just like the real world in the sense that everything you do is public information. So if you do something stupid online just know that it’s out in the open and all public information can be seen.

Tip Number 1- Possibly the most important rule of the internet is that it should only be used in cases of extreme boredom at either school or work. Let’s face it most people don’t even use the internet for research purposes so the internet is everyone’s favorite time waster. Also thanks to the rise of social media you can meet random people from all over the world without having to see them in person. This is great because you can say whatever you want without having to deal with the intimidation of them being directly in front of you. So remember whenever someone is bothering you on the internet for any reason your best option would be to simply send them a nasty comment and if they respond with more nasty comments then that’s what the good old block option is for to settle everything. Which brings us to our next tip.

Tip Number 2- Another great tip is to make sure that you only use the block button once you’ve run out of arguments in the middle of a flame war. Remember that the internet can be like high school drama all over again, so the best way to end an argument even if you’ve run out of things to say is to simply block them. Because as long as someone is blocked they can’t talk to you and you’ll never have to feel the shame of losing an argument again. Which reminds me that we should cover places on the internet like online games and livestreams.

Tip Number 3- Whenever you’re playing an online game and dealing with a situation whether it be those annoying kids in Call of Duty, Halo, or that one guy who keeps annoying you in League of Legends or Counter Strike, the best option is to simply mute them and in most games there’s an option to report players and when you do that just go into the game and troll them in any way you deem worthy. It could be trapping them in a corner in Call of Duty, spawn trapping them in any MMO, or the good old poster strategy in Team Fortress 2.

Tip Number 4- If you’re not a grown adult yet and a child reading this guide this tip is for you. Make sure that whenever you come across a site that required either your parents’ permission, or a certain age you just sign up anyways because your parents are already trusting you to be on the internet, so I don’t see why they didn’t tell you that you should see the internet in it’s entirety.

Tip Number 5- So for this tip I wanted to start off by saying that it seems like everyone on the internet has come across at least one phishing scam on the internet but I’m here to tell you that Adblock is an essential part of preventing phishing scams. Also remember that not all pop ups are phishing scams so it’s always a good idea to see what’s being given away before you give up your personal information. If it’s a phishing scam then hey it’s your fault for not using Adblock to surf the internet,

Tip Number 6- So for this final tip I wanted to say that if you’re into live streams or vlogs then this is the best tip to making sure you join the rest of the internet and grab the attention of your favorite Twitch Streamer or YouTuber. So what you should do it go right to the comment section and start spamming in caps as much as you can. If everyone else on the internet seems to do it at one point or another it’s just a right of passage as being part of the internet. Oh and make sure you avoid certain social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and 4chan as these sites are full of people who have not only broken these rules, but make their own rules of the internet every day.

So for those of you who actually read this entire article, I wanted to give a quick thanks for reading the entire thing and I would like to remind you that the internet is just like the real world so be careful what you do. Also if you follow these tips or any other guide to the internet’s tips then that just clearly proves how oblivious you are because it’s 2016 and if you don’t know how to use the internet yet, then that’s completely your fault and not mine.