Ancient Memeopotamia: The History of Memes

The meme professionals here at the Tribune spent day and night thinking of the first meme ever conceived. No one person is one-hundred percent sure of the first meme but one thing we can all agree on is this, the first meme known to almost all of man… Troll Face, the face of ancient Memopotamia.


Soon after this meme was created came the dreaded and cringe-worthy Facebook memes (Which really weren’t funny at all). This was called The Dark Ages of memeing.


Next came the middle ages. They weren’t quite as bad as The Dark Ages but these memes still weren’t laugh-out-loud funny. This era formed the first meme that most people know by name (Pepe) which is a big step for meme-kind.


Soon we found the enlightenment was upon us. These memes shaped our modern memeing era. After the debut of WTF Face, Peanut Butter Baby, and Shia Labeouf, memes finally became funny. People became famous for taking pictures of everyday life and adding captions to them. We as a memeing society started to drift away from cringe-worthy animated memes and became more modern.




Today we live in the Modern Dank Meme era. People find humor in things such as the noise Windows XP makes, the Pawn Stars intro, and animated frogs on unicycles. It is quite the world we live in.