OSU Football: Back to Back


The Ohio State University: so far, a team. Next, national champions. Ohio State Buckeyes are currently 7-0 because of the undisputed team chemistry. 

OSU student, Nate Harper, said “we are ranked number 1 and we received all 61 preseason votes to win it.” Indeed the Buckeyes are looking tough. Overall, they have a great team, but who sticks out? Harper stated “I think our best player is Ezekiel Elliott, but who stands out the most this year is Braxton Miller.” The other three Heisman candidates are Cardale Jones, Joey Bosa, and JT Barrett. 

In the seven games this season, the Buckeye’s score ratio is 259 to 114. This means they have scored 259 points and have let seven teams only score 114 points combined. Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott has contributed immensely to the program. With 11 touchdowns and 988 yards already, you could say that he is close to being unstoppable. But the player with the most potential to win the Heisman award is Braxton Miller. Miller is a senior wide receiver and running back. He already has a lot of highlights including his spin move against Virginia Tech on September 7, 2015. 

Ashley Grissom, Ohio State Student, said “Ohio State winning the championship would show all colleges that the Buckeyes are the most unstoppable team.” Fans are hoping that the Ohio State Buckeyes will be the undisputed champions back-to-back.

Source: Picture source: http://athlonsports.com/college-football/can-ohio-state-repeat-college-footballs-national-champions-2015