LeBron James Frustrated with New Jerseys

For the first time in history, the Cleveland Cavaliers debuted black-sleeved jerseys. lebron

Most people thought the jerseys looked good, but apparently the players thought that they didn’t feel all that good. The Cavs wore the new jerseys at home while hosting the New York Knicks on November 4, 2015. In the second quarter, Lebron James, a Small Forward for the Cavs, ripped open the seams of the sleeves and pulled them apart. James said the jerseys caused discomfort and held him back from being capable of what he can do.

James was off rhythm before he ripped the sleeves. According to ESPN, He said the sleeves were bothering him and the sleeves were the only thing he could turn to. He played 35 minutes of the game and shot 40% from the field and finished with 23 points. Most of his points came from after he freed his arms by tearing off the sleeves.
Sleeved tops were never James’ favorite, which were introduced by the NBA as an alternate look two seasons ago. Following a loss to San Antonio in 2014 when he was with Miami, James said the uniforms were restrictive, making it difficult to shoot. This may be the first and last time that the Cavs choose to wear sleeved jerseys.