Is This Manning’s Last Year in the NFL?

Many NFL fans believe that the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, should retire after the 2015-2016 season.Manning

Manning is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL history, but has had the worst season of his career so far this year. Although he hasn’t been doing well, the head coach for the Broncos, Gary Kubiak, has shot down the idea of benching Manning. Also, the other Broncos players are not concerned about the performance he has put out. According to CBS Sports, the players are not worried about Manning struggling because the Broncos are undefeated so far this year. Their record is 6-0.

NFL fans have never seen this before, Manning is usually one of the top ranked quarterbacks in the league. It is very unusual for him to be doing this poorly. According to, Manning’s 72.5 quarterback rating is the second lowest amongst qualified passers. Only the quarterback from the Houston Texans, Ryan Mallett’s 63.6 rating is worse. Through six season starts, Manning has a 7:10 touchdown:interception ratio. That’s as many picks as he threw during his entire historic 2013 season (and 48 fewer touchdowns). Manning now has the Broncos’ bye week to review film and re-evaluate his approach, but the problem remains his “arm strength.”

In last year’s 2014-2015 season, Manning had an injury that included is back and neck. He was put on the injury report and wasn’t very happy about it. Manning thought that it was unnecessary that he was put on the report. Some think he should have been placed on the injury report because Manning claimed that he couldn’t feel anything in his fingertips. Some wonder if the injury may be the cause of his lack in performance this year.
Broncos fans can’t do much except hope to see Manning start doing good again and get back to being his old self and one of the top quarterbacks in the league.