Review: Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise”

big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-lyricsAfter his second sub par studio album Hall Of Fame, it appeared that we had seen exactly what Big Sean was destined to be: another young artist who feasts off of radio singles and gimicky hooks…it couldn’t be so.

Kanye West obviously saw something in his new apprentice. And, after listening to the deluxe version of Sean’s third studio album Dark Sky Paradise (executively produced by Mr. West himself), I too see something in the young, self-proclaimed “Don.”

Sean’s irritation with the rap community, dubbing him a “second-tier artist,” is evident on DSP, and he has something to prove. He took a risk and strayed from his flashy, sing-songy high-life raps, attempting to shock the listener with minimalistic production and soulful-yet-aggressive lyrics that are eerily reminiscent of Kanye’s concept album Yeezus.

With its down tempo, mature and reflective tracks, DSP is a break away from what we are used to from Sean. His haunting lyrics about the challenges of success and fame give us a new view on this young artist, and it’s good to hear after relying on tacky radio hits for this long.

Sean definitely took a step in the right direction, and hopefully this is a preview to future projects by Sean. Dark Sky Paradise is nothing new or measurably interesting, but this time around Sean gives us a peek as to who he really is as an artist. This album was a rare, courageous effort that didn’t completely washout. If more like this comes in the future, he might just reach greatness.