Talawanda Hosts New AFS Students

On Friday, November 22, Talawanda High School hosted 18 additional AFS exchange students for one day.

Each new AFS student shadows a student from Talawanda to see what school is like at THS, opposed to their regular school in the Cincinnati area.

Paulina Quintana, an AFS student from Chile who attends Walnut Hills high school, said that THS was a lot different from her current school. “There are a lot less people here,” said Quintana, “At my school we have to shove through the huge crowds of people to try to get to class on time.”

The exchange students arrived the night before and went to the THS drama performance of Alice, as in Wonderland, then spent the night at their THS host family’s house.

After school, there is an AFS party that they will all attend along with any THS students at 7 p.m.