THS Drama’s Production “Alice As In Wonderland” Opens Tonight

THS Drama’s production, Alice as in Wonderland, will run November 21 through 23  in the Performing Arts Center at Talawanda High School.

Talawanda’s version is mostly focusing on the original book of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, said THS Drama director Andrew Lynn. “There are no elements taken from either of the movies, since the movies take bits and pieces from both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass,” he said.

Lynn said he feels the show has grown on its own because of the cast.  “The characters have developed, along with the production, with the cast of the show” he said.

The decision to put on the show, Lynn said, was because of the potential connection it could have with people of all ages. “I think I enjoy the ideas of dealing with change, about oneself and the external world around,” he said.  “We are all influenced by the people and circumstances in our lives, and we all react to them differently sometimes for the good, sometimes not.”

Junior Mackenzie Broshear plays Twosie, one of the four cards that goes against the Queen of Hearts to help save her friend.  Broshear also helps out with the set.  “I’m super excited for the play,” she said.  “At first I was worried because the progress was coming along slowly, but now we are all caught up and I know the play will be great.”

Senior Elijah Vallance is a cast member and helps with the set, as well.  “This is my first major role and I’m super excited,” he said.  “Everyone has pitched in and now this play is going to be awesome.”

The process was coming along slowly, the week before the play THS drama  has Marathon weekend  and that  is when everything came together. Jake Jones a senior and the stage director in drama said”I was worried about the set but after Marathon weekend I’m happy to say everything is looking good and were ready for opening night”

Lynn said he is excited for the performance, but said he hopes the actors are going to be nervous the day of opening. “I love those jitters that happen right before the first performance before a live audience, they give the show that extra umph,” he said.

Alice as in Wonderland opens tonight and runs through Saturday, November 23 in the Performing Arts Center at Talawanda High School.  Showtimes are at 7:30 each night, along with a 3:30 matinee on Saturday.  Tickets are $7 at the door, or in advance from any student in the production.

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