Clash of Clans Storms Talawanda

Goblins, archers, and P.E.K.K.A oh my! Multiplayer game for the iPhone, Clash of Clans is spreading through Talawanda High School like a wildfire.

Clash of Clans revolves around your village and is a constant game of upgrading your defenses, mining gold, and gaining resources, or as it is referred to in the game, elixir.

The game is started with a lone town hall. Mines, defenses, and army camps must be built around said village. The number of structures that can be build is limited to the number of builders on hand. A builder is occupied when a structure is being built or upgraded. Some builds can take up to a day, others take up to 5 days.

Exclusive Talawanda clans are starting to arise, such as Future Stars (run by Mason Kuhn and Maurice Thomas), the Indigo Faction (run by Joe Paul Wespiser), and the Talawanda Elite (run by Fernando Jijon and Joe Vidourek).

Junior Blake Bolton is in the Talawanda Elite clan and has been playing Clash of Clans for five months. “Once you start, you can’t stop,” said Bolton. “The fact you keep building your village up and you get to compete against your friends makes the game that much more fun”.

Clans will continue to grow as the game gains popularity in the Talawanda student body.