Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Comes to Oxford


The cast of “Fake Flowers Don’t Die.”
Image from Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park website.

Cincinnati Playhouse In the Park is coming to Oxford tonight to perform Fake Flowers Don’t Die, a play by John Yearley.

The play focuses on three friends that discover a magic lamp that may or may not grant them three wishes.

Britain Seibert, 23, has been at Cincinnati Playhouse since the first week of September.  She said the play is about “a time in your life when your friends start getting new friends and you start feeling like you are losing your friends.”

Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park has been producing plays since 1959 and is the largest  professional theater in Cincinnati.  It has two stages: The Marks Theater which hosts bigger shows, and the Black Box Stage, which is more of an intimate theater for smaller plays. But, for this performance, the company brought their show to the OCAC stage.

Cincinnati Playhouse has put on many shows with many different actors, but this is Seiberts first performance with them “This is my first show in Cincinnati Playhouse, I am super excited for it,” Seibert said.

Tracy Hoida, the education stage manager for Fake Flowers Don’t Die, said the Cincinnati Playhouse came to Oxford because the OCAC has been a regularly scheduled location for the entire season. “As long as they continue to book us we will continue to perform,” she said.

Jake Moore, a senior at THS, plans on attending the performance. “I really enjoy it when an acting group comes to perform because I feel like it helps me learns as an actor,” he said.  “I am very observant during shows and I watch how they do certain things,like how they get the audience involved and how they get into their characters so deeply”

Seibert said she was excited to see how the play would turn out  “I am not nervous,” she said.  “Nervous is something that happened every once in awhile. I’m more excited to see how everyone reacts to the play.”

Fake Flowers Don’t Die opens tonight at the Oxford Community Arts Center at 7:30.  The performance is free and open to the public.