New Sculpture in the Cafeteria of THS

IMG_0767You might have noticed the new sculpture in the cafeteria here at Talawanda High School, but did you notice the fine print?

For the past few weeks students in Jim McWilliams 3D art class have been planning and putting together this new sculpture.

“We wanted to include everyone, not just the students in art.” said student teacher Jennifer Davisson.  “We wanted to make it about something everyone has an opinion on so everyone could participate.”   The topic for this sculpture is school lunch.

Students from Ms. Alfonsi’s, Mr. Aerni’s, Mr. Oswald’s and Mr. McWilliam’s classes wrote their opinion of school lunch on letters that spelled out the words bland, healthy, chomp, crunch, fried and greasy. These six words make up the three letters E, A and T.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Joe Ittel “I didn’t realize it had student opinions on it, I will have to check it out.”

Student opinions range greatly from words of praise to words of disgust.  However, most students mention the new standards for school food. “I think most of the students are trying to say they don’t have much of say in what they eat.” said Davisson.

The sculpture will be up until the end of the school year.