The Lights Turn Off at THS

On April 29, during second period, Talawanda High school was cloaked in darkness as the power station on Nichols road suffered from technical difficulties, leaving the high school and the surrounding area without power.

The problem was resolved within 15-20 minutes and the side effects were minimal.  Following the return of power, lights were powering on and off for 2-3 minutes and the wifi was back up the next period after some difficulties

Sophomore Dalton Smith was excited when the power went out, “I really wish the power stayed out so we could have gone home early,” he said.

History teacher Heath Kelly was teaching his second period American history class when the power went out.  “We were talking about thermonuclear war and the nuclear apocalypse, so I believed the nuclear war was upon us,” he said.  “But, I was very impressed by the ability to make announcements without power.”

The power remained on for the rest of the day and class continued without interruption.