French Class Takes a Trip to Jungle Jims


On Tuesday, April 23, multiple classes from French II and French III took a trip to Jungle Jim’s to learn more about food from francophone countries, 71 students in all.

Originally a small produce stand in Fairfield, Ohio this International Market rapidly expanded to a more-than 300,000 square foot landmark.

“It gives the opportunity for students to acquire necessary ingredients for their projects as well as getting a taste of other cultures through food.” said THS French teacher Maeva Sarno.

Students were paired up and each assigned a specific francophone (French- influenced) country to research for their quarter 4 project.

Classes were put into six separate groups, each would go on their own individual tour through the store. This tour helped everyone learn about the different foods and where they are typically from, as well as know where to find any ingredients that they needed to get for the recipe of the food/beverage that they were going to make.

Talawanda’s French classes have been known to behave very well during this field trip in the past.

“The expectations were met and everyone behaved pretty well this year,” said Sarno. “The students did a good job representing Talawanda during the field trip.”

The Jungle Jim’s field trip is to continue into the following years at THS and the results are expected to get better and better.