Principal Tom York Makes it Through His First Year at THS

York's Ride

York's Ride

York’s Ride

Many people only know Tom York as the THS principal, but he is much more than that.  He is a man of many achievements who has owned around 70 cars over the years which he fixes and races for fun.

“I have a couple of old cars and I’m working on one right now that my son and I probably will autocross,” said York.

According to, Autocross is a form of racing where participants race against themselves rather than each other.  It is a test to see how well the driver can handle their vehicle.  York has been autocrossing for three years.

The current car York drives is a 2001 Porsche Carrera 4.  The unique thing about his car is the engine is where the typical trunk would be and the trunk is where to engine usually is.  Also, the gas tank is in the front of the car rather than the back.

Porsche is a German-owned company, established in 1931. According to Porsche’s web site the last fifty years they have won at the highest levels of motor sports. The company even owns a museum with over twenty exhibits, some of which are dedicated to racing vehicles.

The staff and assistant principals of Talawanda have had a pleasant experience with York, some knowing him prior to his being principal, and others who have benefited from his experience here at Talawanda and elsewhere.

York is veteran of the educational system, having worked in several schools and positions. He has worked in education for 34 years and 27 of them have been in administration. He is “a very laid back person [and] very easy to be around,” said assistant principal Chris Rhoton.

Many co-workers like York because he is fair to both students and staff.  “Mr. York is just a regular guy,” said head secretary Paula Hedgepath. “He doesn’t act like he’s better than anyone.  He treats me with respect, and makes it fun to work around here.”

In fact, York graduated from Talawanda in 1969.  “It’s great because he knows people’s grandparents, parents, history. He really knows how to connect with the people here,” said Rhoton.


York’s Award

After being in education for 34 years, York believes this is his most enjoyable year of his career. Being able to come back and seeing the changes over the years has meant a lot to him. The school’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) rewarded him with the honorary chapter degree. “It was a real honor; I was totally shocked,” York said. Knowing how much the students enjoys his presence in the new school will help York in continuing his educational path with the community.