Girls Basketball Team Goes Undefeated

Twin teamwork (photo by Maggie Collins)

Ana Richter blocks a shot from Edgewood (photo by Lauren Flum)

Photo by Chris Conese

Senior Bristyl Webb goes in for the layup against Edgewood. (photo by Lauren Flum)

Twin teamwork (photo by Maggie Collins)

Ana Richter blocks a shot from Edgewood (Photo by Lauren Flum)

The THS girls varsity basketball team has carried an undefeated record and is currently ranked 2nd in the state.

This season, the team has worked together, relying on each other. Junior Megan Richardson is very proud of her team members. “I think our overall goal is to come together as a family and unite as one,” she said.

Last year, the girl’s basketball team had an average season overall, finishing with 17 wins and 6 losses. Comparing last year’s record to the success of this season, the girls have only gone forward.

Thanks to new head coach Kim Ritcher, the team has done extremely well. But last year was a different story. With being a new coach comes new coaching styles.  “At first we weren’t sure what to expect,” said senior Brilyn Webb. “But, now that we have gotten to know our coach, we understand what she wants from us.”

Now that the team knows each other’s strengths they have been lead to greatness by working together. With an undefeated score, the team has won league, they are now waiting for the tournament game on March 14 to decide if they qualify for state finals on March 16.

Before arriving at Talawanda, Ritcher coached at Badin and also at a catholic Christian school. This year is her second year coaching at THS.

“It was much easier this year because I already knew the girls,” said Ritcher.  “We didn’t have to start from scratch.”

With the girls record 21-0, the team is proud of their accomplishments. “In the late 1950’s the girls basketball team was ranked 9-0, but this is way better!” said Webb.

The way the sectional games are designed, that if you lose a game, you are automatically out. This helps eliminate and narrow down teams for preparation for state.The team has 5 teams left before being state champions.

Ritcher said she feels the team has grown together and really improved as a whole this season. “Each girl has a role,” she said.  “They do their hardest at that one task because that’s what we expect out of them. We are like a body, we could not function without everyone’s help.”

The team is anxiously awaiting the tournament with high hopes of taking home the state championship trophy on March 16th in Columbus.