Nerf Warz 2013

What event comes around once a year, allows students to form teams and create a full-fledged war against each other? Nerf Warz.

Nerf Warz (as it is spelled on its Facebook page) is an annual event that Talawanda students have put on for many years. It began on January 1st this year, and it will last until there is only one team standing.

The object of the game is to get other teams out by shooting them with a foam dart. The price to enter Nerf Warz is $5, and the winning team receives all of the money that was collected.

According to the Talawanda Nerf Warz Facebook page, the way to get someone out is by shooting them with a foam dart. Also, the dart may be shot out of any form of nerf gun. “The only rule about the gun is that if it’s illegal or harmful it’s not allowed.”

An example of this is blowguns. Senior Sam James has been using these to shoot his nerf darts since his freshman year. “I used to play with nerf guns with my friends,” said James, “The blowdarts shot faster and had further range than any other nerf guns, so it was a no-brainer to use them during Nerf Warz.”

Over winter break, Nerf Warz got extremely intense. “Paranoia has taken over my life,” said Sophomore Phoebe Meyers. “I refuse to leave my house. People will find me and then I will get out.”

Now that school is in session, and because Talawanda is not affiliated with Nerf Warz, players may not get out while in school or during a school-related event.

There is a quota this year, which is a change from previous years. Each team must get at least one opposing team member out each week. If the team does not meet their quota, they lose a person from their own team.

Showdowns have happened just about everywhere. From in the middle of the street to Phan Shin to the Bowling alley, teams have gotten together determined to not only meet their quota, but exceed it.

“The quota drives the game, but really people just sell themselves,” said Senior Bobby Bennett. “I don’t care because when you’re as good as my team, you really don’t have to worry about it.”

Newly added rules create a fair and quicker-paced game. “In the past years I remember the Senior class always being able to win because first off they knew the people running it better, and the naked rule helped them out significantly,” Said co-administrator for this year’s Nerf Warz, Ben Hines.

The naked rule, which has been newly adjusted, states that you can get naked in order to defend yourself from getting shot. However, you cannot shoot while you are naked unless the other person is as well.

“When you are a freshman or sophomore you are not going to ride around with your parents naked! I wanted this year while I ran it to be more fair for everyone including underclassmen,” Said Hines.

Participants of Nerf Warz have become extremely attached to the game, and have begun to complain when they are out. ”Everyone always has a different story and it’s almost impossible for us to tell who is right,” Said co-administrator Andrew Marks, “People can’t seem to be honest while playing and if they think this year sucks then they can only point the finger at themselves.”

Nerf Warz has become a sort of tradition at THS, and as the tradition continues, the popularity has increased as well.