OGT Exam Incentive Rumors

On May 28th, sophomores were tweeting in panic in fear of the possibility of having to take their exams. With Field Day that Tuesday, many considered the option of skipping and having a 4 day weekend.

Business teacher Pete Thomas warned sophomores to consider not skipping, stating that their OGT exam incentive may be revoked. “Whenever a large percent of students skip, any incentive can be taken away. Before you make your actions, you need to know what you’re up against.”

Even though there was talk around the school, no staff said anything making it not a likely issue. 25% or more of sophomores needed to skip for the OGT incentive to be considered being taken away.

Francesca Lindley was one of the many sophomores with the same concern. “I was mad at first.  I thought it was ridiculous that sophomores would only be punished for skipping Field Day, while all the other students seemingly wouldn’t.”

With Field Day being such a huge success, and so few people being absent, sophomores had no issue keeping their OGT exam incentive.