Next Year’s Tutorial Schedule

Tutorials, a 25 minute-long sessions during 5th period, are intended to help students who are having a hard time in a class, need to get help, or need to make up a test.  Tutorials can also be used as a study hall to complete homework.

Added this school year, tutorials seem to have had positive results with students. Because of this, school administrators toyed with the idea of running tutorials four days a week (as opposed to the two-a-week schedule this year).  However, as of now tutorials will stay relatively the same with a few adjustments, such as the D lunch that was added this year. But for next year, this will not be the case. At the new school, everyone will be able to have the same tutorial, and the regular 3 lunch bell schedule instead of the current 4 lunch periods associated with the tutorial schedule.

Tutorials allow students who are unable to stay after school due to jobs or lack of transportation to get help with a certain class or make up missing test from being absent. Mike Wright, head of SAP and RTI, has confirmed that next year everyone will have the same tutorial twice a week.  There was talk about having 4 tutorials a week and having Wednesday the only weird bell schedule, but it was denied. “We were unable to do 4 tutorials because it would cause violations with the teachers contract with amount of time in class and the amount of time a teacher needs to plan,” explained Wright.

With the option of 4 tutorals no longer an option, Science teacher Nathan Bramble thinks students would benefit more with having 3 or 4 tutuorals, rather then 2 because of how useful they can be. “Students come in with questions about homework or to make up a test.” Next year he is going to look at what his students are having problems with and pull them out based on their grade to help with what they are struggling with.

“With the move to the new building, the less change we have, the better it will be on both the students and the staff,” stated Wright. There is still time for change before the new school new starts in August, but as of right now it seems pretty clear that there will be common tutorials twice a week.