Field Day A Success

On May 29th, Talawanda freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took a trip to the new high school.

Throughout the day, students toured the school, made arts and crafts, did team activities, and played some games in the gym.

The tour was led by students in the National Honors Society. Tour leaders included facts on how “green” the building is going to be, citing things like  geothermal energy keeping the school at a steady 55 degrees,  the triple paned and one foot thick walls to help insulate, and the natural lighting. All of these things help use less electricity.

The tour was followed by a scavenger hunt. Junior tour guide Jacob Flum believes the new school is so much better than the current one. “Knowing the school is so fancy makes me slightly excited to attend school next year. It’s pretty nice for a prison” said Flum.

Students were able to see  new classrooms, the library, auditorium, cafeteria, and gym, as well as the hallways and lockers.

“I think it was a very organized and fun day. The kids got to see the new school and experience all it has to offer. Mrs. Ruther did an awesome job at organizing the event.” said English teacher Bernie Phelps.

Overall, the event not only took the place of a regular school day, but was an exciting way for students to learn and get pumped up for the move next year.