Said and Meant a Success

On April 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th, Talawanda Drama put on their play “Said and Meant.” The play was quite a success; most of the seats were taken every night.

There were seven ¬†acts to the play, which all included witty and humorous conversations that made the audience laugh out loud. Both Ryan Steffen and TJ Pearson did a good job at directing their casts. “I was very proud of both casts taking such a difficult script and interpreting and developing it in their own way. It showed a true internalization of the concepts that Mr. Pearson and I teach every day.” Said Steffen.

Though the play went through some hardships about whether or not it was appropriate and budget problems, over all, the play was not taken in a way that offended people, rather in a way that made people ponder social instances, and also chuckle while doing it.

The cast had a great time with it, also. Freshman Alyson Barker believes she made memories with the cast while also working hard. “Overall I think it went really well, and it was super fun to do. There were so many times working with [the cast] that we made such awesome memories.” Said Barker.

The play was a great success because of the amount of fun that everyone had. The scenes were funny and thoughtful, and also very well played out.