Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce.

If you’re an avid fan of spicy foods, I highly recommend Blair’s Ultra Death sauce. If you decide to proceed with usage, use extreme caution, because it lives up to its name. It isn’t like your average Texas Pete or Tobassco, Death Sauce is twenty million times hotter.

This sauce will leave even the most capsaicin tolerable person in a heap of sweat and tears. It’s ranked 800,000 on the Scoville Scale, that’s 160 times hotter than a jalopeno.

What makes Blair’s so spicy is the slew of peppers in it.  They include: HabaneroCayenneSerrano, and Jolokia peppers, along side many other spices.

There are hotter sauces, but this is one of the hottest you can buy without signing a waver or having the credentials proving you’re 18. You can also handle this without a face mask, which alleviates a lot of hassle.

Weather you’re eating Death Sauce on tacos, eggs, soup, goolaush, on a hot sauce sandwich, or simply sipping the edible lava, be careful of the amount you use, it only takes a bit.

If you’re interested in Ultra Death Sauce, you can get it at Jungle Jim’s or on Blair’s website.