05/03/2012 – Target, Waitressing Lessons, and News in Haikus

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Amazon Kindle to be pulled from Target shelves

Target plans to get rid of all Kindle e-book readers and tablets by an undisclosed date, says store representative Molly Snyder. The company will not disclose the reason for doing this, saying “we typically don’t discuss our relationships with vendor partners.”

But the reason may be Target’s new Apple “mini-stores,” planned to sell iPads and iPhones in 25 store locations. Then again, other stores sell both Amazon Kindles and Apple iPads, as well as Barnes & Noble Nooks.

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Waitressing 101: “Just my two cents.”

A note was recently posted on Reddit by a friend of a waitress who claims she received it, along with two pennies, as a tip from a customer. The note reads:

Waitressing 101

Don’t tell every customer you’re very busy to excuse your lack of serving skills. Your job is to attend to us, not make us feel like we’re an inconvenience. A little bit of personal attention goes a long way in the form of a tip. Just my two cents.

Though there may be some truth in that note, it is currently unknown whether the story is valid. A recent string of unkind tipping stories have recently come to surface, many of them hoaxes.

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News in Haikus

It’s time once more for News in Haikus! The world’s most definitive source for relevant news headlines neatly bundled within a 5-7-5 syllable structure framework. Click on each link to read the original news story. The following haikus are written by Joseph L.A. Hall and may be copied and used for whatever purposes wanted, provided credit is given.

Mysterious man
Dies from heart attack and leaves
A backpack of cash

We once asked “Well, gee—
What happened to the Pacers?”
But not anymore

If you like “Top Tens”
American steakhouses
And car names are here