Windows Vs. Mac

Anyone who knows of technology in the world knows that two companies dominate the computer industry: Apple Incorporated and Microsoft. There are “fanboys” for both companies who claim that the other company is terrible. It is a debate that is long-overdrawn, and somewhat annoying to listen to time and time again. But here, I would like to set the record straight. The results of this discussion shall be used as authoritative and factual.

Those fancy buttons at the top of the window
Both Windows and Mac OS have three buttons at the top of each window. There is a minimizer (represented by a small dash), a maximize (represented by a box or two), and a closer (represented by an X, usually red). Clicking the minimizer works well for both systems. But clicking the maximize only works for Windows.  Macs will enlarge the window or do nothing at all.  Clicking the X is a Windows winner as well. Windows actually closes the program, which saves on battery life. Macs close the window that is open, but keep the program running in the background. You have to click the word “File” on that toolbar at the top in order to do anything.
WINNER: Windows

Those pesky viruses will never give Windows users a moment’s peace! Hackers are constantly targeting the Windows system, forcing users to install costly antivirus software. Macs are not without their viruses, but they get considerably less.

Certainly every Mac user can objectively agree that they have lost this round. They’ve got the left-click down, sure. But only recently has Apple developed a mouse that has right-click options. But before Mac fanboys leap for joy, keep in mind that right-clicking does not have the same amount of options on a Mac that it does on a Windows computer. Oh, and Windows has always had right-click functionality.
WINNER: Windows

Apple is famous for its attention to detail, even in their store designs. Their gadgets have a sleek contemporary feel to them. Windows has only just recently developed computers that seemed to pay attention to the design (Well, companies that produce Windows computers, of course).

Anyone who plays games knows that Windows is the clear choice. On a Mac’s most expensive graphics card option available, the performance is still shadowed by any of Windows’.
WINNER: Windows

This one could be debatable, but here we go: When you see a color on one Mac, you see the same on another. When you see a color on a PC, you may or may not see the same on another. Mac has superior color matching technology.

All too many times have Mac users seen that frustrating spinning rainbow any time they do something on a Mac. Windows has speed galore, being able to run multiple programs at the same time, without causing grief for the user. It could be that Windows is more streamlined (Opening four-hundred-thirty-seven pictures in Windows causes one program to load them all in an efficient window. Opening four-hundred-thirty-seven pictures on a Mac causes four-hundred-thirty-seven separate windows to open.).
WINNER: Windows

Mac computers (and Apple products in general) are ridiculously over-priced. A 17-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2500. A comparable 17-inch PC is about $500-$600. No contest here.
WINNER: Windows

There are very few software options for Mac users. Most of these computers are relegated to using Apple-developed software. Windows, on the other hand, has a wide array of software (many free!).
WINNER: Windows

Full Screen
Most Mac programs do not support a full screen operation. Either the dock is showing at the bottom, that grey bar at the top, or both. Windows programs have several programs with full screen options.
WINNER: Windows

Taskbar and Dock
The Dock is a familiar feature for Mac users. Several commonly used programs are found here (and some, not-so-commonly used). The dock does not stretch across the entire screen unless you have enough programs to do it. The Taskbar is the Windows-comparable feature. Older versions only displayed what programs were open, along with a Start button (similar, but more intuitive than the “search” option in the upper right-hand corner of Macs), the time, and certain miniature icons for various programs. The current Taskbar houses only the programs you want it to have for quick access, and those that are open. It also features a Start button, the time and date, and various mini icons for battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength and similar functions. But the Dock is only for programs, and not for information, which is found on the grey bar at the top of the screen.
WINNER: Windows

MAC: 3

In all honesty, I was going to make this into a joke that highlighted an equal number of Windows positives and Mac positives. But the more I researched, the more I found out that Windows is clearly the best choice of operating systems. I could have added more categories, but Windows would have won them all. I had to keep it semi-fair!