Spring Street Treats

Spring Street Treats will be Oxford’s newest supplier of food and desserts beginning in summer 2012.

“I wanted to start the buisness because there is no hometown soft serve ice cream buisnesses in Oxford,” said owner Allen Ansorg.  “I thought residents and visitors would enjoy it.”

Planned to open in July, Spring Street Treats is located near the empty WalMart building at 321 W. Spring Street.  “I just painted it bright green, you can’t miss it!” stated Ansorg

Ansorg wanted to create a place where people can enjoy a delicious treat sitting outside with their friends or family.

Spring Street  Treats will be supplying food, as well, but its main focus will be on ice cream.

“We will offer different flavors along with a dozen toppings and sauces,” said Ansorg.  “Carmel, fudge, nuts, fruit, and candy.  There will also be other fun ice cream creations!”

Oxford residents will be able to sit outside and enjoy, or run by the convenient drive-thru window to pick up a snack.  Spring Street Treats will be offering hot dogs, soft pretzels, side items, and unique candy, as well.