Raps, beat boxing and rhythms. No, this is not a Kayne West video. This is Talawanda High School’s a cappella choir, Fermata Nowhere.

This 3-year-old choir is nothing but original. Mr. Pearson’s idea for this kind of choir came from experience as a director, and from wanting the very best for his very capable students. “I wanted something outside normal. I wanted something outside the classical atmosphere of music, ” says Pearson.

This auditioned choir appreciates hard work. It’s extracurricular, so they practice after school on Mondays and Fridays.

The name “Fermata Nowhere,” a music term, came from Chris Curme, a Talawanda senior. “Everyone was just throwing out ideas, and Chris came up with Fermata Nowhere himself. Everyone liked it best,” said senior Katherine Makaroff.

The song selection is chosen by Talawanda sophomore Josh Bornstein, as well as Mr. Pearson’s own choices and arrangements.”I’ve always loved it, and it’s fun to see your work when it’s finished in song,” said Bornstein.

The students agree that the choir is a lot of fun. “I’ve always thought that Fermata had so much fun, and since I couldn’t fit choir into my schedule this seemed like the perfect choice, ” stated Makaroff.

Fermata’s last performance was March 21st, and the date for the next is yet to be released. “The end of the year concert is going to be great, and there’s a lot of great songs. You don’t want to miss it because Dave Lawson is going to have his swag on,” Makeroff said.