On April 16th, some Talawanda sophomores will be attending PRIDE Day with lunch hosted by Chipolte. Seniors who have attended PRIDE Day  before are allowed to be “family members.

“I definitely liked PRIDE Day, and I’m still really close to my ‘family,’ it was a really good experience.” senior Melanie Hodges stated

“It was a good experience to meet new people and learn what everyone is dealing with,” explained junior Julie Norton. PRIDE Day has some memorable moments and some downfalls.

One thing sophomores are definitely looking forward to is the lunch. Sophomore Mary Curme stated “Once I found out it was Chipotle, I was in.” But they are excepting a lot of crying and emotional backround being shared. Sophomore Maggie Herrle stated, “It’s a sharing and caring day.”

Many sophomores are confused about what PRIDE Day is really meant for. PRIDE Day is a time where students could really connect with one another, and is modeled after “Challenge Day,” which was featured as the If You Really Knew Me show on MtV.

PRIDE stands for “People Respecting Individual Differences Everyday.” It is a place where students could freely express their emotions and got the opportunity to learn something new about their classmates. “I am looking forward to what is it, and what people will all say.” explained Curme.

Sophomores are really curious about what all will be shared and what it really means, and the effects. Student will be able to have a positive response during PRIDE Day which will help some express their problems.

Over the years, PRIDE Day has been very successful with helping  students and looks to continue in years to come.