Mixtape review: Taylor Allderdice

Taylor Allderdice, Wiz Khalifas latest mixtape. Also, the name of his old high school, signifying he is now coming back to his roots. After the relatively negative feedback of his debut album, his return is here. In most rapper’s careers there is a falling point, where either fans stay and listen, or fall out. Wiz is trying to bring back his remedy of success.

The first track “Amber Ice” shows Pittsburgh’s native music style. Followed by “California” and “Mia Wallace” which are surrounded by coolness, increasing by each song. Good production and catchy wordings are Wiz’s bread and butter, which he sets the table very early here. “The Cruise” samples Frank Ocean and “Number 16” is one of his most soulful songs he’s rapped yet.

The instrumentals are top of the line. “O.N.I.F.C.” and “Nameless” are two standouts in the mixtape. The first uses breezy sounds and has a light-hearted tone to rise above the rest. The second is slow and has a groove-heavy sound, and  features Chevy Woods who makes an impressive appearance.

You don’t typically listen to Wiz for lyrics, you typically listen for a chill, quality production and his addictive hooks. Which is why “Mary 3x” is a favorite. Although many people called his first album light, Taylor Allderdice is deep, intoxicating, and heavy.

The majority of the mixtape is based on harmony. “Never Been Part II” has a boastful and luxurious sound, featuring Rick Ross and Amber Rose. “My  Favorite Song” has an anthem sound, so does “T.A.P.”. Both songs feature Juicy J, the mixtape goes through ten minutes of adrenaline filled sound. His first attempt at this was not well received, but Juicy helps get the message through. But he has grown as an artist and is accelerating in multiple directions as an artist.

Taylor Allderdice is an enjoyable listen. One thing to notice is Wiz’s growth in flow. He’s becoming a better rapper. While we shouldn’t expect him to be reigned at the top with the best rappers to ever be, we shouldn’t have to. Especially with the beats Wiz puts out. But his music is to ride and chill to, and just in time for Spring break.