Brick Replacement Rumor Debunked

Every year the members of the Oxford Street Department remove and replace each brick covering High Street.  According to an Oxford Press photo gallery caption, a rumor was posted stating that this year the bricks will be removed permanently and replaced with asphalt.

“The road is falling apart and the concrete underneath is completely deteriorated,” said a head engineer at Miami University.  “The dirt has given up, this is why the road is no longer smooth.”

After Miami University’s graduation ceremonies, the city of Oxford will completely remove the bricks, sand, concrete, and replace the dirt underneath.  Once the construction is finished, the bricks will be replaced rather than removed altogether.

The past two years, Oxford’s uptown area has overflowed with construction signs and heavy machinery in hopes for a smoother ride across the brick road.

Despite the inconvenience, little change seems to have taken place.  “It adds a rustic look” said sophomore Zane Marsh.

The costs seem to have outweighed the looks due to so much inconvenience, every summer the bricks are torn out, more construction is done,  and the bricks are replaced.