A Conversation with Ryan Arvin

This is the first of what will be a weekly feature, in which various Talawanda students sit down with Ryan Arvin to pose a few questions about the essence of life.

This week, questions are from seniors Ezra Saulnier and Jack Gillespie

Ezra: Who is your role model?

Ryan: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say it’s probably Tony Montana, or Socrates.

E: What starter pokemon do you prefer?

R: Starter pokemon?  Charmander, definitely.

E: How ready are you to defend that?  Why?

R: Well, because fire represents the heat of battle, Charmander is therefore more prepared for bigger battle.  Plus, in Pokemon Yellow, my Charzard is my highest-level Pokemon, other than Pikachu.

E: Do you think that the common cold is curable?

R: Yes… Not!

Jack: A level 62 Charzard goes against a level 60 Blastoise.  Who wins?

R: Blastoise, because fire is weak to water!  That’s an unfair fight though.

J: What type is quadrupally effective against Charzard? 

R: Grass?

J: No, that’s quadrupally ineffective.

R: Jack, would you shut up!

Check back next week for more Arvin answers to life’s great mysteries!