THS Drama Prepares to Perform “Said and Meant”

THS’s spring Drama production has caused a lot of buzz due to the content in the risky choice for the Spring play.

Said and Meant is about the inherent difficulty in communicating person to person. People use assumptions, implications, and their actions, and this play explores what happens when these devices are improperly used or thrown out.” Says Drama teacher, TJ Pearson.

Swearing, phone sex, and homosexuality are just some of the situations that were edited out or cut down from this theater production. This is also going to be a black box theater production that is going to be held in the choir room, instead of on the stage.

“In twelve years and twenty-eight shows I have never been questioned. It’s hard to take. The show is satire and some people don’t understand the comedy. It’s ironic, because all the controversy started because of miscommunication, and it’s a show about miscommunication. It made me feel like the show was worth the fight.” stated Ryan Steffen, Director of the THS Drama Program.

The play, Said and Meant is set to premiere at the end of April. Because of the unusually large size of the drama class, there are two different casts for the show. Each cast has been allowed to change the scenes and move lines around. This is going to create two very different shows.

Mr. Pearson’s cast will have their parent night the twenty-third of April, then their show will be open to the community on April twenty-fifth and the twenty-seventh. Mr. Steffen’s cast will have their parent night the twenty-fourth, and their shows will be open on the twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth. Tickets can be bought from any drama member.

“It is naive to pretend that none of the things that were taken out don’t happen all around us.” Steffen continued, “I don’t want a bubble gum clean show. I understand people may not want to see it, but it is still there.”

Said and Meant may be slightly controversial, but the show is out to be remembered.