03/29/2012 – Weather, Unemployment, and Food

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Big weather disasters imminent, scientists say

A 594 page report, written by Carnegie Institute of Washington ecologists and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states global warming will lead to severe storms, massive heat waves, and droughts. Threats are greatest in the poor, highly populated regions of the world, though all will be affected. Scientists fear certain regions, such as Mumbai, India could become uninhabitable due to floods and rising sea levels. Already, the world has seen hints of this from disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in southern North America, and tropical cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh. Precautions are urged to be taken and plans developed for surviving the coming danger.


Man wishes to continue receiving unemployment, saws off foot

Hans Url, 56 from Austria, used a miter saw to slice off his own foot, to continue receiving unemployment benefits. He then threw the foot into the oven so doctors would not be able to reattach it. Crawling to his garage, he called emergency services. Doctors were only able to seal the wound, which is good considering the man nearly died on the way to the hospital. But there was still one thing the man didn’t plan for: Being footless doesn’t necessarily qualify him for unemployment benefits.


Twelve-year-old food lover publishes New York food guide

David Pines, a twelve-year-old boy recently published, “Pines Picks: A Kid’s Guide to the Best Things to Eat and Drink in New York City.” He focuses more on what the food tastes like, rather than the dining experience. He notes, “Adults make too many judgments based on the appearance of the restaurants. They get mad because the glasses weren’t all there when they walked in. I’m like, who cares? How did the food taste?” His book scores almost one hundred different types of food, and he wrote the entire thing himself, without help from parents. He plans to write a new edition each year, becoming a celebrated food guide, “but better.”