Hungry For A Good Film: The Hunger Games

In one of the first blockbusters of the year, The Hunger Games was released at Midnight on Friday, March 23, 2012.

The movie, based off of the best selling book series written by Lisa Richwine, was directed by Gary Ross (Seabiscuit). The film has been highly anticipated by readers.

Jennifer Lawrence, in her first major film role, played the leading character of Katniss.  Her performance was solid and strong, with a touch of feminine elegance to the hard-to-read personality of Katniss.

The film is set in post-apocalyptic America.  Society is in a dystopia whereas the common people are divided into twelve districts based on their lives.  The capitol has the most power in this society, and they hold an event each year called ‘The Hunger Games.’  In this event, two adolescents of each gender are randomly chosen from each of the twelve districts to compete.  ‘The Hunger Games’ are held by the ‘Peacemakers’ as a reminder of the manslaughter that existed in wars of the old times.

The strong points of the the film included the extraordinary acting.  Each of the characters were distinctly their own and were strongly portrayed.  The acting combined with the compelling plot manipulated the viewer’s emotions in such a way that one would feel as if they were competing in ‘The Hunger Games.’

However, all great things aren’t perfect.  Although it was intended from influence of the book, the costumes of the capitol residents were slightly over the top.  Their Gaga-esque appearance contrasted with the simple look of the district-folk tends to distract from the plot.

All things considered, The Hunger Games will be in theatres for at least two months, and is well worth the price of admission to view it.